A china cabinet

Here’s a fun little project that started with trying to design something that would fit nicely in a nice early 20th century craftsman home. Working with the craftsman idea, I started with a Greene & Greene type of design. But, I also wanted to update the design and at the same time pull the Asian influence into more prominence. So, I took out the Greene & Greene cloud lift detail, and replaced it with the lifted edges on the tops of this cabinet on cabinet design. The final departure from the craftsman influence was to use some different wood species (and therefore different figure patterns) than would have been typical of the craftsman period. And, this is what I ended up with …


The bulk of the cabinet is built from curly cherry, the door panels are highly figured “bubbly” maple, the drawer faces are highly figured “bubbly” mahogany, and the tops of the cabinets are curly maple that has been dyed black for dramatic contrast. Here’s a close up of the curly cherry.


For those not in the know, cherry will age over the course of a few years to a deep reddish brown color that is almost as red as the mahogany drawer fronts.


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