Little boxes


My girlfriend makes candy for Christmas every year. She makes a lot of candy. It’s a fun little gift to give to friends and family, because really, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Last year, I got a little obsessed with cherry cordials. (We had some cherries that we macerated in bourbon, brandy, and almond liquor that I thought would make good cherry cordials.) Of course, the first time that we tried to make them, they didn’t turn out very good. (I have learned that cherry cordials are more than a little finicky.) But, a couple of attempts later, and we are starting to figure out the little tricks to making the little suckers. Furthermore, I had the brilliant idea to try making a rosemary ganache for rosemary truffles. Well, one thing lead to another, and we ended up with some pretty fancy chocolates to give away this year.

Of course, I wasn’t quite satisfied yet. I decided that our fancy candy should get a fancy box. So, I disappeared into the shop to mill up some scrap wood for boxes.


Yep, that’s a lot of boxes.

And, here they are put together waiting for lids.


And, here’s the stack of completed boxes.


And, the completed product all filled up with candy.


Unfortunately, we ended up being just a bit short of the fancy boxes, so a few folks on the list will have to make do with a plain paper box. I’ll be better prepared next year.

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